4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Musician · New Beginnings · Novella · Series · Sweet · Workplace

All Stars Fall (Seaside Pictures #3.5) by Rachel Van Dyken


4 Stars

Penelope decides to move to Seaside, Oregon for a fresh start, and she promptly finds herself with not one, but two jobs. Barista by day and nanny to the three adorable children of a rock star by night, she has her hands full… and she wouldn’t trade that for anything.

After his wife left him and their children, Trevor Wood is working hard to make life for his kids as normal as possible. But, while he is at a loss as how he can do it all on his own, a coffeeshop barista jumps in to save the day… and he immediately decides that he can’t live without her help.


All Stars Fall was a sweet and heartwarming novella featuring a rock star who finds everything he needs in his newest hire, who he absolutely should not make a move on… definitely not.

Penelope has the biggest heart imaginable, and when she sees Trevor’s kids in need of help, she doesn’t think twice about jumping in and making things right. It isn’t until later that she realizes just who Trevor is… and just how attracted she is to him.

Trevor is the drummer for the boy band Adrenaline, and since he grew up unconventially while on the road, his devotion to his family is something that he doesn’t take lightly. Hiring Penelope to watch his kids while he works on his music is the best decision he has made in a long time… despite his inconvenient attraction to her. And it isn’t long before her complete selflessness and her love for his kids adds even more stakes to his already complicated life.

I loved the characters and story introduced in this novella, and as usual with a great story, I was left wanting more from Penelope and Trevor! This book was charming, entertaining and had just enough drama to keep things interesting.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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