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Risky Play (Red Card #1) by Rachel Van Dyken


4 Stars

Mackenzie DuPont is devastated when her fiancee leaves her at the altar, and in the aftermath she is left feeling lost and alone. On a whim she decides that her best solution is to embark on a solo adventure to find a way to move on… and finally do something just for herself.

Slade Rodriguez is in the midst of moving, leaving his former fiancee, his former team and his former life, all at once. Needing to get away from… getting away from it all, he hops on a plane bound for Mexico… and a much needed vacation.

Mackenzie and Slade both aren’t looking to find someone new, but when circumstances and adrenaline rushes have them crossing paths, taking risks with each other might be their best idea yet… until real life intrudes.


Risky Play was a highly entertaining story that completely delivered with it’s humor and great sex, while still being emotionally relevant. Mackenzie and Slade come together at low points in their lives which keeps the attraction that they share from developing into something more, and pits them against each other in a battle of who will crack first.

After her wedding fiasco, Mackenzie is left feeling inadequate and unable to fit into the mold of her previous life. Meeting Slade and feeling an instant connection to him, she is left even more broken when their fling ends suddenly. Back at home, she takes a temporary job to further her need for space from her ex, and comes face to face with a very different version of the Slade she met back in Mexico.

Slade is in a downward spiral. After leaving Mexico so abruptly, he has been dealing with a devastating loss and his own highly charged emotions. Finding it easier to blame Mackenzie for his misstep, when she shows up out of the blue, he takes it upon himself to make her suffer for ever taking his attention away from what really matters.

Whew. Mackenzie and Slade had quite the uphill battle to their HEA. With mistrust and betrayal in both of their pasts, it was way too easy for them to want nothing to do with each other. But, when loneliness and determination win out, their love story becomes one unforgettable journey.

I seriously loved Mackenzie’s perseverance and understanding in the face of Slade’s surliness and low blows. Both characters were dealing with heartbreak and the rebuilding of their lives, but it isn’t until they find a common ground that their healing truly begins.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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