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Repeat by Kylie Scott


5 Stars

After an attack leaves Clementine Johns with no memory of her previous life, she is slowly working on piecing herself back together. But, it isn’t until she comes face to face with the man that she once loved, does she understand just how much she might not like the woman that she used to be…

Ed Larsen’s heart was shattered from his break-up with Clementine. And when she shows up at his tattoo shop, claiming she has lost all memory of their relationship… he makes it clear that he may never be ready to let her back in his life again…


Repeat was a captivating read that left me emotionally consumed long after I read it’s final pages. Clementine and Ed had a relationship that imploded and left them both completely devastated, leaving nothing behind that could possibly heal the rift between them. And then Clementine almost dies, and the love they once shared proves to be too strong for a forever kind of good-bye…

With the loss of her memory, Clementine is relying on her sister and people from her past to help her piece her life back together. From her very first encounter with Ed, he makes it implicitly clear that he does not want her back in his life… and Clem agrees that she understands completely… and vows to give him the space that he needs…

Ed is protective of Clementine, even with their painful past. From her continued recovery, to the very real possibility that her attack might not have been as random as they first thought… Ed doesn’t want anything else happening to the woman he once loved. From not wanting to open himself back up to the pain of her being a part of his life, to his need to help her when she needs him, Ed’s plan to keep her at arms length is quickly becoming a thing of the past…


I admired Clementine’s fantastic outlook on her amnesia and the process she undergoes with reinventing herself into the person she is now, vs the woman she no longer knows. With a lot of emotional maturity she was apparently lacking before her head injury, she works to not only discover the mistakes she made with Ed, but to make amends for her part in the hurt that they caused each other.

Ed was not happy about Clem’s reentry into his life, but showed his love for her and his need to protect her over and over again. Not only was he irresistibly sexy, but he continually demonstrated his acceptance of Clem’s journey and stood by her when it would have been just as easy to walk away.

I seriously devoured this book, and I was not ready for it to end… ever. From the emotional drama, to the scorching hot sex scenes… Repeat completely delivered on everything that makes for a refreshing and unforgettable story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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