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A Single Kiss (Irresistible Attraction #2) by W. Winters


4 Stars

*** A Single Kiss is the second book in the Irresistible Attraction trilogy and should be read after book number one, A Single Glance. This review may contain spoilers if you have not yet read book one. ***

With her debt to Jase Cross still hanging over her head, Bethany Fawn’s desire for answers is suddenly taking a back seat to her own safety.

Bethany makes it painfully obvious that she feels that she doesn’t have anyone to turn that she still doesn’t know who she can really trust, but the way Jase see’s it, she is need a reminder that he isn’t a man to be taken lightly…


A Single Kiss jumps right into the palm sweating cliffhanger in which A Single Glance left off on. With her life still in complete turmoil, Bethany knows she shouldn’t trust Jase… but her heart may not get the memo that he isn’t the man for her…

Bethany has never felt as alone as she does now. With the danger on her doorstep and no family left in her life, she hesitates in bringing anyone she cares about into her tumultuous situation. Jase is a man who can handle anything, but with her trust in him wavering with each passing day, she is left trying to decide if the answers she wants about her sister are ever going to get her the peace she deserves.

Jase Cross gives us a glimpse into his darker side and the lengths he is willing to go for the ones he loves. But, when his past comes back to haunt him, and he is left with more questions than answers, Jase’s life starts spiraling out of control…

A Single Kiss brought more depth to Jase’s story and his background, which provided some fantastic insight into his character. With the relationship between Bethany and Jase progressing, but still lacking trust, these two are at a point where the smallest change may rip the budding feelings that they have for each other apart.

This was another great addition to the Irresistible Attraction trilogy. Without the super hot sex from book one, this story was definitely not as scorching as I was hoping for, but provided more details to the growing plot and characters as a whole. With a lot of major things still up in the air, this book seemed like a necessary bridge to some epic moments that are sure to happen in the conclusion, A Single Touch which is set to release on June 4th.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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