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Tristan (The Ruins of Emblem #1) by Cora Brent


3.5 Stars

Recent college graduate Cadence Gentry believes she can make a difference, and she knows just the place that needs it. As the newest teacher at Emblem High, her drive to help it’s troubled teens is met with a lot of resistance from the cynical residents of Emblem, Arizona.

Tristan Mulligan has never wanted to leave his hometown of Emblem. Even with the closed businesses and decaying homes, he has never felt like he belonged anywhere else. But, seeing a woman like Cadence in his town is a new one. He can spot a do-gooder who has more hope than sense from a mile away, and he will definitely enjoy taking her down a peg or two…


Tristan is an opposites attract story with a little bit of a twist in the reach of the large Gentry family. From the storied history of previous Gentrys growing up in Emblem, there comes a new generation with Cadence, who sees the bright side of the dilapidated town and the people who call it home.

Cadence was such an admirable character, and I loved her choice to move to Emblem. In a town where her family had so many bad memories, she only sees a place that she can help change lives. From her unwavering optimism and her ability to truly make a difference, she was an incredibly strong woman for someone so young.

Tristan definitely flaunts his bad attitude and the chip on his shoulder. While being semi-estranged from his family, it takes spending time with Cadence for him to realize just what he is missing out on in his life.

With all of their differences Cadence and Tristan find a mutual love and understanding in each other that they never thought possible. From their hot sex life to their genuine happiness that they find in each others company, their relationship is on the road to something more permanent… until life gets in the way…

I really enjoyed this book and I am so excited for a series that focuses on the town of Emblem where most of the former characters originally fled from. This story did a fantastic job of embracing the “ruins” of the town and loving it for what it still is for so many… home.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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