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Defy (Sinners of Saint 0.5) by L.J. Shen


3.5 Stars

Melody Greene is a high school lit teacher who hates everything about her job. From her school principal who threatens her position on the daily, to the awful students who run the school with their privilege and entitlement, if she didn’t need her job so badly she would quit in a heartbeat.

Jaime Followhill is the spoiled and unruly son of the universally hated principal, and therefore pretty much untouchable in school. And when he sees something he wants… Jaime is going to get it. And now that he is officially eighteen… he is pursuing someone he has wanted for a very long time…


Defy is a scorching age gap romance and the introduction to the Sinners of Saint series. Melody is not only Jaime’s teacher, but someone he has been obsessing about… and now that he is legal, he intends to have her. But when their fling gets complicated, what chance does this atypical relationship ever have of succeeding…

Melody had dreams of becoming a ballerina, but when an injury ruins her chances, she moves home to settle for a career that pays the bills instead. Miserable as a teacher, but stuck in her choices, she toes the line to remain employed. And then Jamie starts a not-so-innocent flirtation, and all the reasons that Melody should be staying far away from him suddenly mean less and less…

Jamie is a privileged high school playboy who never wants for female attention. But, before his high school career ends, he has set his sights on the one conquest he decides he MUST have. Whether Melody will admit it or not, her body doesn’t lie about how much she wants him back…

This novella was an incredibly hot, fast and dirty beginning to the Sinners of Saint series. It introduces us to the notorious Hotholes and the corrupt, money driven world of All Saints High. I really enjoyed this story, with an age difference storyline that was done incredibly well and the relationship between Melody and Jamie burning fast and hot, this book kept me engaged and entertained throughout.

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