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The Rebel of Raleigh High by Callie Hart


4.5 Stars

Silver Parisi is a pariah in her high school. From her torturous encounters with her ex-friends to having to see the untouchable monsters who ruined her, roaming the halls day in and day out, Silver is only biding her time until graduation… and the promise of attending college as far away from Raleigh as possible.

Alessandro “Alex” Moretti is on his last chance with a transfer to Raleigh High. With his eighteenth birthday just around the corner, he has a very important reason to keep himself out of trouble… which at this particular high school is easier said then done…


The Rebel of Raleigh High shows the dark and depraved side of a high school that you’ll be glad you never attended. Silver and Alex are two shattered souls who in a normal life would never had known each other, but within the heinous halls of Raleigh High, they discover that finding someone who can share you pain makes life a little less painful…

Silver is a young woman who shows up everyday to the place where she is continuously abused. Biding her time until graduation, as long as she tries her hardest to remain unnoticed, she is sure she will succeed… until the new guy shows up…

Alex has been through a lot in his 17 years of life and he knows that he can only ever rely on himself for everything he needs. Meeting Silver, he can see how much damage she is carrying… just like him. And when the last thing he needs is to get entangled with a girl who says she wants nothing to do with him… it’s just too bad that Silver isn’t the kind of person that he can so easily walk away from…

Wow. This book was such an unexpectedly intense read, and I think I might still be sitting here with my mouth hanging wide open in it’s aftermath…

Silver was a tough AF girl who while actively protecting herself is still taking care of a whole lot of things on her own. Alex is someone who she shouldn’t feel safe around, but he shows her a gentle and protective side that no one else gets to see but her.

While technically a young adult read, this book touches on some tough subjects and the main characters are definitely more mature and world hardened than their peers. Silver and Alex’s relationship is a slightly slow journey, but at the same time burns hot and intensely from their first encounter.

From the darker aspects to the sexy relationship between Silver and Alex, I can not wait for more from the Raleigh High world…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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