4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Forbidden Love · Hot Sex · Series

Sweet Thing (Naughty Things #2) by J.A. Huss

4 Stars

Aria Amherst is ready for a little taste of freedom…. and house sitting her sister’s apartment in the city for two weeks is her perfect opportunity. With her 18th birthday coming in two days, Aria is ready to finally experience some of the grown up things she has been missing out on in her sheltered life…

Ryker North is a successful developer who is drawn to younger women, but Aria is REALLY young. He knows he should stay away, but he can’t stop thinking about the sweet, innocent girl who looks like she needs a little corruption in her life…


Sweet Thing was dirty, sexy and sweet all rolled into one engaging read. Aria and Ryker are very far apart in age, but for all the things that they may not have in common, they make up for with their off the charts chemistry…

Aria is a quiet and sweet young woman who spends a lot of time with her close knit family and ends up missing out on having an engaging social life. With her spring break plans firmly in place, Aria decides she is going to meet a man while she is on her own for a few weeks… she just didn’t plan on meeting one who is so much older than her…

Ryker takes one look at Aria and knows that he has to have her… and when he learns just how young she is, it does little to put a damper on his all consuming desire to pursue her.   But when his plan for a one night stand gets a little more complicated than he was bargaining for, Ryker is in need of a new arrangement in his burgeoning relationship with Aria…


I really enjoyed this storyline, and all of the characters were so well done and such a delight to read. Aria was very young and out of her element when it came to Ryker, but I loved how she never acted like a spoiled and petty kid in the face of her all consuming feelings for him. She handled many adult things very well, which helped make her relationship with Ryker a realistic and interesting part of the story.

For all of his faults, I loved Ryker and his completely honest approach to his attraction to Aria… and younger women as a whole. He was portrayed as knowing what he wants without being a creep, and staying true to himself and the things he ultimately stands for.

With a very large age difference between Aria and Ryker adding conflict to an already messy relationship, the only thing that is better than the sweet and easy connection that Aria and Ryker share is their SUPER hot and all shades of dirty sex life.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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