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Pretty Reckless (All Saints High #1) by L.J. Shen


4 Stars

Daria Followhill is gorgeous, rich, and hated by her friends and foes alike. With her many mistakes already taking a toll on her psyche, it isn’t until a regret from the past starts living with her family that Daria’s history of bad behavior is finally starting to catch up with her…

Penn Scully has lost everything, and he blames Daria for most of it. So when her parents offer him a place to stay, he discovers the perfect opportunity to make Daria pay for her part in ruining his life. But, when Penn and Daria can’t stop wanting each other… keeping your enemies closer never felt so good…


Pretty Reckless was an emotionally charged read that was filled with deep seated high school angst that went beyond the typical adolescent behavior. Daria and Penn love to hate each other, but when these two take their sexual escapades with each other too far, the animosity they share turns into something more than the revenge games they thought they could handle…

Daria has always been a jealous person, and when the people that are supposed to love her the most keep letting her down, her jealousy turns into something much more petty than anyone realizes. But with one large life altering mistake, the cushy life Daria has does little to comfort her in the wake of her deepest self disdain…

Penn is a star high school football player who is on his way to the NFL, until his living situation takes a turn for the worst and his dreams start to seem too far out of reach. Being offered a place to stay from the family of his most hated enemy gives him an idea for the revenge he has wanted for years against the untouchable Followhills…

I really loved this story, from Daria’s strength and the constant underlying tension, I was deeply committed to each and every development in this twisted and dramatic dynamic that is Daria Followhill’s everyday life.

For everything I enjoyed about the storyline and the excellent writing, I found that most of the characters were very unlikable. I couldn’t get enough of the secrets that Penn is hiding and his ability to best Daria at her own game, but seriously, if I kept track of how many times he “spit some phlegm” or chewed off a callus and spit it out… well I probably would have had a hard time seeing him as any type of love interest… there seriously can’t be anyone who finds that sexy.

To read about Daria’s parents, Jaime and Melody’s story is entitled Defy, and is the first book in the Sinners of Saint series. In Pretty Reckless we get to see these two as parents, and it isn’t an easy relationship. Let’s just say… one is the most amazing parent, and one needs to do some serious work on themselves as well as the relationship with their daughter. And while I was sooooo unhappy for poor Daria for much of this book, I really liked seeing the not-so-picture-perfect family that you would come to expect from a spin-off series… it was fresh and something that doesn’t ever seem to be done, and definitely not what one would expect going into this book!

Ok, final thoughts. This book put me through the ringer… in an absolutely satisfying way. It was full of sexy encounters, massive DRAMA and all kinds of WTF moments that I never expected… and loved every minute of…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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