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Rescue Me (Special Forces: Operation Alpha & Between Heaven and Hell Novella) by Heather R. Blair


5 Stars

Garrett “Rett” Davis prefers his solitary existence working with his horses up on his secluded mountain far away from town. But every one in awhile when a need arises for a little uncomplicated companionship, he ventures down for a visit. With each trip, his views of civilization get more and more lackluster… and then he meets Izzy.

Izzy Kozlov is on the run. And her most recent stop has her living in a seedy motel and paying her bills by stripping. Izzy is under no illusions that life is going to get any easier from here, and she isn’t looking for anyone to save her, either.

But when a typical night at the club is shattered by a violence that Izzy knows all too well, Rett is the man to step in and rescue the woman who has the power to change his entire existence…


Rescue Me was an incredibly sexy, suspenseful and all consuming read. Izzy and Rett’s instant connection may be doomed from the start with the explosive secrets Izzy has been keeping to herself. And, while she is unwilling to drag a good man like Rett into her messy life, he may be the only only who can help her escape her troubles for good…

Rett was the best!! A total swoon-worthy and incredibly tough, ex-military man who has a soft spot for all things Izzy. With his warm heart and complete honesty with his feelings, he is just the kind of man a woman like Izzy needs in her life. While he has his own demons that he faces from his military career, when he needs to protect the woman he loves, he will stop at nothing to ensure her safety.

Izzy was such a strong woman and a survivor. She has been living on the run and when she soon realizes that danger may be closing in, her first inclination is to keep running… if it wasn’t for Rett. Being up at his place and realizing how happy and peaceful her life could be, she must decide if she wants to keep running or if she can trust him to save her once again.

I loved this book so much!! From Izzy and Rett’s scorching hot attraction, to the well thought out storyline, and the interesting and developed characters, this was a novella done right! This book starts off the new Between Heaven and Hell series, and I absolutely can not wait to see more from this world!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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