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Frisky Business (Chick Flick Club Book 3) by Lila Monroe


3.5 Stars

Eve Braithwaite believes in true love and soul mates… she just hasn’t yet found “the one”. But when she lands the dog sitting job of her dreams, she just may find that the man who couldn’t be more wrong for her might just be the one she has been waiting for all along…

Noah Hathaway never expected to see Eve again, but when they end up being roomies for the next month, he isn’t going to let the opportunity to get to know her pass him by… even if she is all wrong for him…


Frisky Business was an enjoyable read where two people meet, immediately hate each other, and then end up as roommates… all with some adorable dogs mixed in. Eve and Noah want completely different things in life, but with their individual passions colliding to solve a problem, they find that they might not be as different as they once thought…

I liked Eve… for the most part. She seemed pretty lacking in focus and drive, but she was an open and honest woman whose love for dogs was unparalleled. With her desire for a relationship sending her on a wild ride of one bad date after another, spending a quite night next to Noah starts to seem like a way better option to how she spends her evening…

Noah was a hard character to get on board with. With a questionable maturity and a pretty arrogant disregard for most of Eve’s worries, I felt like he tended to do anything to get his way… and not in a sexy way. In the end he redeemed himself, but I really wish he was likable throughout the whole book.

This was a good read. I liked the plot and the shelter dogs were a nice addition. But, I did feel that the characters could have been better developed. They both had some family/romantic relationship hang-ups that never really satisfied me with any sort of progress or explanations made in regards to them. In the end, Eve and Noah were a cute couple, with an entertaining HEA, and the final story in the Chick Flick Club series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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