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Booty Hunter (Harem Station #1) by KC Cross (JA Huss)


4 Stars

Cygnian Princesses glow, but there’s something about this one that isn’t quite right… Captured and at the mercy of some infamous Akeelians, Princess Lyra must find a way to escape to save her sister. What she wasn’t counting on was the enigmatic bounty hunter Serpint, who claims that he now owns her…

Serpint wants nothing to do with a complicated princess whose glow is less that spectacular. After a mission gone terribly wrong, he has more important things to focus on, but Lyra isn’t someone so easily ignored… and he does tend to enjoy women who aren’t so easily obtained…


Booty Hunter was the scorching hot and unexpectedly amusing introduction to the world of the Harem Station and it’s wild array of outlaw inhabitants. Lyra and Serpint’s off-the-charts sexual energy is just about the most complicated thing in any of their worlds, but with secrets being kept and a possible danger heading their way, will their chemistry lead them to trust each other with the truth before it’s too late…

Lyra is a headstrong fighter who refuses to serve any man. Captured in the midst of trying to save her sister, she needs to find a way to escape the Harem Station and the man who claims to own her. I loved Lyra so much!! She was smart and tough, but also recognized how important the connection she finds with Serpint may actually be. She was a strong and independent female character, which just happens to be my favorite kind!!

Serpint is an Akeelian bounty hunter whose skills at the chase are almost as renowned as his two… appendages. He starts off as an alpha who seems to only be concerned with his own life, but he quickly realizes what Lyra means to him. I couldn’t get enough of his kinky and sexually controlling side, which might have only been overshadowed by his caring heart.

This was such a great book and the start of the fascinating new Harem Station series! This story completely delivered with fantastic world building, heart pounding action, and enough hot AF sex to throw your flux capacitor into overdrive…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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