4.5 Star · Alpha · ARC Review · Contemporary · Fake Relationship · Funny · Hot Sex · New Beginnings · Reformed Man Whore · Unrequited Love

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey


4.5 Stars

Travis Ford is back in his hometown of Port Jefferson, Long Island as a disgraced former baseball player with nothing left to lose. After a injury that shattered his career, Travis has avoided leaving his house or interacting with anyone… until his best friend’s little sister shows up…

Georgette Castle has loved Travis Ford since she was old enough to know what love was. After hearing about his current state of self loathing, she decides to take it upon herself to pull him out of his funk, once and for all… and Travis may be this professional joy givers’ toughest customer yet…


Fix Her Up is a seriously steamy story with so many delicious romance tropes all thrown into one fabulously entertaining and unforgettable read! Georgie is the little sister who everyone likes to ignore, but when she and baseball’s bad boy start dating each other, the whole town of Port Jefferson takes notice. But, what starts as something entirely platonic and mutually beneficial to them both, ends in the world’s hottest first kiss… Georgie and Travis may soon discover they are both in over their heads…

Georgie is a woman who wants to be taken seriously. From her career as a birthday clown and being the youngest in her family, she finds herself constantly overlooked and undervalued. When she embarks on a fake relationship with Travis, a man she has always crushed on from afar, she finds that when she gets to know the man behind the baseball stardom, with his complicated past and his own insecurities, she may just love the real man even more.

Travis harbors a reluctant attraction to the pesky little sister of his best friend, who was always hanging around and causing problems while they were growing up. But now that Georgie has matured into a charismatic and caring woman who seems to understand him like no one has ever tried to, an alarmingly inconvenient attraction not only starts to flare up, but refuses to be satiated by anything but Georgie herself.

I adored Georgie!! She was sweet and strong, and I admired her goal to get everyone to start giving her the respect she deserved. Her ability to cheer up Travis and pull him out of his funk was such a fun aspect of the storyline that never failed to entertain!!

Travis was deliciously dominant, and when he was faced with “betraying” his friend by messing around with his sister, I couldn’t get enough of his mighty struggle to keep his hands to himself. He was also incredibly protective of Georgie and stands up for her like no one ever has.

I loved this book so much!! From the incredibly hot sex to the delightfully unique characters, and the thoroughly entertaining storyline, I simply could not put this book down! Funny, sweet and off the charts HOT, you don’t want to miss Fix Her Up!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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