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Master Baker by Pippa Grant


 4 Stars

Grady Rock has been in love with Annika since the moment they met, way back in high school. When Annika left, she shattered not only their friendship, but also any possibility of a relationship between them. Ten years later, Annika is back… and she is attacking the biggest thing that Grady holds dear… his bakery.

When Annika Williams left town to join the army, she thought her friendship with Grady would stand the test of time. But with one declaration of love, the inseparable connection they had severs beyond repair. She thought she had recovered a long time ago from missing Grady Rock… but a man like Grady isn’t so easy to forget…


Master Baker was a hilarious and sugary sweet story of two former best friends competing for business between their two rivalry bakeries. With an age old feud between their hometowns stirring the pot (or the batter!), what could possibly go wrong…

Annika has returned home to help her mother and little sister with their dream of opening a bakery… amidst the chaos of everything going wrong in the process. You see, Annika burns every baked good she touches, her Mom’s eyesight has tragically been lost, and her baking genius of a sister is actually young teenager with her own teenager-y problems to face. The last thing she needs is the stress of her former best friend reappearing in her life… or maybe he is the answer to every single one of her problems…

Grady is a master baker who can dirty talk his confections into works of art. He is incredibly secure in his talent and his business… until he has to face some unfriendly competition. Annika once meant everything to him, and now that she is back, Grady is lost as to why she seems intent on ruining his bakery dreams… but everything he thinks he knows about Annika is not exactly as it seems.

This was such a fun read!! From the feuding towns of Sarcasm and Shipwreck, and their hilarious nicknames for each other, this book was another delightful read from the exceptional mind of it’s author, Pippa Grant. I loved Annika and Grady’s long ago friendship and how in the midst of a rivalry to end all rivalry’s they find an everlasting love that they earn, and very much deserve. From the unforgettable characters, to their always crazy antics, Master Baker is an entertaining story that you won’t soon forget!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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