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Jedson (The Ruins of Emblem #2) by Cora Brent


4.5 Stars

Emblem has always been Ryan Jedson’s home, until the day he was forced to flee, or face a lifetime behind bars. But now he’s back, and the little girl who ruined everything has grown into a woman who Jedson can’t wait to dish out a little payback to…

Leah Brandeis regrets almost everything about that day when Ryan Jedson left Emblem. And now, coming face to face with him once once again, Leah knows she needs to come clean about her role in Ryan’s disappearance, and she will… eventually…


Jedson was an emotional return to the crumbling town of Emblem, AZ. Leah and Ryan have a complicated past, and when Ryan returns to exact some revenge for his exile, he finds Leah and the town of Emblem very different than how he remembers them. But, he knows the ability that Leah possess to convince a man that she is innocent of all wrongdoing… after all, he’s seen it all before…

Leah is back in Emblem to help her father run his bar, and his life, in the aftermath of her mother’s death. With no love lost in her family, she finds herself more alone than ever, but determined to keep the bar running smoothly, and hopefully fix it’s finances in the process. And while she’s heard rumors that Ryan Jedson is back in town, she decides to cross that bridge when she comes to it… and what an irresistible bridge that turns out to be…

Ryan returns to Emblem a changed man from the young kid with the bad attitude who left all those years ago. Now that he’s back, he has quite a different chip on his shoulder, and a whole lot of money at his disposal to do something about it. He has plans, a lot of them, and Leah Brandeis is going to be one of his first projects. And, once he sees her again, he has a very specific idea of what he wants to do with the woman who he still can’t seem to figure out…

Leah and Ryan’s story was a game changer for the town of Emblem, and I am so excited about what will come next!! I enjoyed this story so much, it was emotional, at times, gut wrenchingly so. It was also a story of redemeption, and a new chance at life for Ryan, and Leah alike. Incredibly sexy and consisting of a fantastic plot and exceptional writing, Jedson is a story you won’t want to miss!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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