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Cupids Anonymous by Lila Monroe

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3 Stars

Poppy Hathaway is a modern day Cyrano, helping those who are inept with flowery words and declarations of love. And with the career that she loves so much, she finds herself with a few… repeat customers who are clueless in love… mainly Dylan Griffin. 


Cupids Anonymous was a fun read about a woman who believes in all things love and heartfelt communication, finding herself falling for her biggest client… and the most notorious of playboys. Poppy and Dylan had an unconventional road to their HEA, filled with all kinds of crazy antics and a love finding scheme that is anything but ordinary.

Poppy is a writer who uses her skills to help the romantically challenged. And when she finds herself on a working vacation to help her biggest client, and ever increasing crush… she decides that she needs to find a way to keep her head on business… and not her own rapidly beating heart while in the presence of Dylan.

Dylan is a man who wants to find love, but keeps focusing on women who he has no real connection with. Determined to win the woman of his dreams once and for all, he enlists some extra help… and with that, all kinds of bonus time with Poppy…

This was a good read with an entertaining plot. I really liked Poppy, her unusual career and her loyal friends. Dylan was an odd character and I was a little put off by his careless view of the women he sets out to woo… and then even Poppy herself. Sweet, sexy and very amusing, Cupids Anonymous was all around a nice, enjoyable read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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