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Operation Bailey Wedding (Bailey Series Novella) (The Baileys #3.5) by Piper Rayne

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3.5 Stars

Lake Starlight is abuzz with the entire Bailey clan and their celebration of the wedding of Austin and Holly. Not to be outdone, Brooklyn and Wyatt are stirring up happy news of their own, and Rome and Harley are adjusting to life as new parents of two. And while they are all happy and secure in their respective relationships, they aren’t the only Bailey siblings with large life changes starting to happen…


Operation Bailey Wedding was a sweet, yet disaster ridden novella checking in with our favorite Lake Starlight residents, with their exciting and still thriving HEA’s in the midst of a big Bailey celebration. It’s finally wedding time, and it has been too long of a time since the the town of Lake Starlight has been blessed with a Mr. and Mrs. Bailey…

From the ever persistent Grandma Dori to the mysterious author of the Lake Starlight Buzzwheel, the town is awash in tears and the ultimate happiness for all of the love the Bailey family has recently embraced. But when the wedding of the year is riddled with problems only the strongest family can overcome, this story will cement the amazing Bailey family in all of it’s lighthearted glory.

This was such a fun novella! While a quick read, it highlighted all of the Bailey’s, with the stories we have already read being revisited and some exciting tidbits from the Bailey stories yet to come! Read this book if you are in need of a quick Bailey fix to tide you over until the next release!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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