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Resist (Wicked Ways #1) by K. Bromberg

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3.5 Stars

Vaughn Sanders aka “Madam Vee” takes her profession very seriously. With her escort business booming, she is getting closer to achieving her financial goals… until she meets the client who may just hold her future in his hands.

Ryker Lockhart is a busy man who has no desire to jump through the hoops of a relationship. Hiring an escort to be at his beck and call seems like a great, no strings attached option, until he and Vee butt heads, and she is soon the only thing he can seem to think about.


Resist was the ultra sexy and dramatic beginning to the enticing new Wicked Ways duet. Vaughn and Ryker begin what should be a simple business relationship, but when their transaction starts to take a path towards the personal, it’s only a matter of time before these two unyielding personalities clash magnificently…

Vaughn is a hardworking and caring woman who has vowed that she will do everything she can to gain custody of her niece in the wake of her sister’s death. And while accepting a deal with a man like Ryker seems like the worst idea ever, Vaughn can’t deny how much she needs his business… and the money that comes with it. But in return, will she be sticking to the rules that she has ever written for herself, or will she give Ryker the power to inflict damage on her heart…

Ryker doesn’t seem to value women much and he comes off as a cocky jerk more often than not. But his infatuation with Vaughn has him rethinking his choices about the opposite sex, and his need for patience to obtain the woman who has gotten under his skin will be so very worth it in the end. But when he discovers more about Vaughn and her motivations for her career, everything he thought he knew about women is about to change…

I really enjoyed the plot for this book and especially Vaughn’s character, which was a strong and admirable one. I liked the reason she had for running her escort business and  I thought that her character showed great depth, especially with the conflict of her newly discovered inner turmoil. And with how much I liked Vaughn, unfortunately I didn’t feel the same about Ryker. I didn’t feel like he was represented very well, and with his dismissal of all women as not worth his time, it took a lot for me to feel like he was a good match for Vaughn. But, with their banter and sexual tension being so well done, he definitely grew on me… until the gasp inducing ending, that is…

The Wicked Ways duet concludes with Reveal, which is set to release on September 24th, and I’m definitely hoping for an HEA for Vaughn and Ryker… after some much needed butt kicking of course…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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