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Discretion (The Dumonts #1) by Karina Halle


3.5 Stars

The European trip that Sadie Reynolds planned so meticulously is not turning out how she envisioned it. As a poor college student, she scrimped and saved for the opportunity to travel, and the entire adventure was completely derailed by her former traveling companion, and now, very current ex-boyfriend.

And then things go from bad to worse…

Olivier Dumont is sexy, wealthy, French… and way out of her league. A chance encounter where Olivier saves Sadie from a bad situation, and these two polar opposites may have just found the love of their lives… albeit in a very temporary situation….


Discretion was an extremely sexy and tumultuous read, where family secrets and true love collide in the glamorous world of the French elite. What starts out as a fling with a very solid end date, Sadie and Olivier finding each other supersedes everything they thought was important in their lives. But, will their love be enough to bridge the gap of just how different their lives truly are…

Sadie is a college student on vacation with her boyfriend… until they have a spectacular breakup and he returns home without her. Meeting Olivier couldn’t have happened at a better time, and while she knows she shouldn’t just effortlessly trust the man who has saved her, there is something about Olivier that makes her feel completely safe and cherished…

Olivier is the heir to the Dumont empire, from hotels to handbags, it will all someday be his… unless his uncle has a say in the matter. Meeting Sadie on the cusp of his ultimate secret being exposed is either the greatest distraction… or the worst timing ever. The young American is innocence, happiness, and everything he could ever want in a relationship, but she isn’t meant for a man like him…. no matter how much he wishes it could all be different…

From the visual treat of all things spectacular and French, to the bold characters who are dedicated and loyal in a world where secrets are held the highest regard, this book was a fascinating read. Sadie and Olivier come from two very different worlds, and share an attraction that is instant and uncomplicated… unlike their lives and the impossible decisions that they will have to face together…

The relationship between Sadie and Olivier was incredibly sexy and sweet, and it had me rooting for them to find a way to stay together, against all odds, from the very beginning. And while I really enjoyed the plot and the characters in this book, I did feel like there was an issue with how this story ultimately flowed. Olivier seemed way too busy to actually fall in love with Sadie, and I would have really loved to see something more concrete in their relationship building as a result.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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