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*Free Book Alert!* Surrender by Amy Daws

surrender free football.jpg

⚽ 📖 ⚽ SURRENDER is FREE ⚽ 📖 ⚽

This epic football/soccer romance from Amy Daws is #FREE for the first time ever! Snatch up this very limited offer now and you won’t be disappointed.  Prepare for a ride unlike any other you’ve been on before. No need to read anything else before – but prepare for a major twist in this one!

** When premier footballer, Gareth Harris, collides with his clothing stylist for one night of unexpected passion, it’s the start of something he never thought possible…**

Explore the passion of Gareth and Sloan for #FREE, and get the incredible triplet narration by Will Watt, Charlotte Cole and Piper Goodeve at a lower, whispersync’d price!

Read it:
Listen to it:


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