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Prison Princess (Harem Station #5) by K.C. Cross (J.A. Huss)

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4 Stars

*** Prison Princess is book five in the Harem Station series and should be read according to order. This review may contain spoilers if you are not yet caught up in the series. ***

There has always been something very different about Tray from his Akeelian brothers. With the rumors of his “leveling up,” to his mysterious time spent in virtual reality, Tray assures everyone that he has a plan… and no one else needs to know about it just yet… especially his new partner, Valor.

Brigit is an Akeelian girl. That’s right, the one thing everyone is so sure doesn’t exist… because they were all told it just isn’t possible. But, Tray knows what she is, he knows he loves her and would do anything for her… even betray his family to free her from the virtual reality prison where she is contained…


Prison Princess is the sexy, cyber centric story of an ill fated romance in the midst of an all out galactic war. Between ALCOR, Tray, Valor and the newcomer, Brigit, the answers we have been waiting for are starting to be revealed, one after another… along with some dangerous and entirely hopeless situations for the future of the Harem Station as we know it…

Brigit exists only in virtual reality… for now. She has a body floating around somewhere, and Tray knows just what he has to do to retrieve it. With his new partner Valor along for the ride, he vows to find Brigit and to rescue her from her unknown fate… but entering into Brigit’s reality may just change Tray and Valor’s relationship forever…

There is something about this series that completely holds you captive with each and every new story. Not only is it fresh and so very different, but the sex is set to the level of SCORCHING, over and over again. Tray and Brigit’s story is no exception, but it is so completely different from what we have read so far, it will leave you reeling about the Harem Station world and what could possibly be next for the couples we have been introduced to so far.

This story is about Tray and Brigit, and a whole lot of sharing with Valor as well. From the virtual world, to the real life mess that is going on within the world of ALCOR and the Akeelin boys, this book is another valuable addition to the intricate and mysterious puzzle that is the Harem Station series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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