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I Hate You by Ilsa Madden-Mills

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4.5 Stars

Charisma Rossi hates Blaze Townsend, and she is prepared to show him just how much his presence no longer affects her… or at least pretend that it doesn’t. But Blaze is a hard man to avoid, and even though he broke her heart all those months ago… Blaze wasn’t as prepared as he thought he was to not have Charm as a permanent part of his life…


I Hate You was an unforgettable second chance romance between a damaged football player and the guarded, yet irresistible woman who holds his heart… even when he doesn’t know it. With a fling that ended VERY badly, Charisma wants nothing to do with Blaze, the woman magnet, and her most despised ex (to date). But after avoiding all things Blaze for as long as she can, now that school is back in session, Charm is about to get a crash course in Blaze deciding to fight for what he wants this time

Charisma and Blaze still may have off the charts chemistry, but their past fling has left them both wary of their inescapable attraction, and the heartache that comes with a fallout as bad as the one they already once shared. With mixed signals and terrible timing, these two may NEVER find a mutual ground to stand on…

Charm was a total tough chick with a completely soft and susceptible under belly. Growing up was rough, but she came into her own and vowed to never be walked all over by any man… until Blaze does just that. I loved her self confidence and her complete ownership of who she was, and her soft spot for the football player who is all wrong for her, but also the best fling she ever had… that is, before it ended.

Oh, Blaze. He was such a sweet and damaged individual. With a completely tragic upbringing and his dreams of playing pro football slipping through his fingers, you just can’t hep but feel bad for this sexy and yet, completely forlorn guy. With his tendency to ruin the great things in his life because he doesn’t trust them, Blaze has a long road to finding worth within himself.

This was a utterly fantastic read. Emotional, sexy AF and adorably funny, I loved Charm and Blaze’s story so much, I was so sad to see it end. But it left such a nice warm glow in my heart, I believe that this is a story that will stick with me for a very long time.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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