4.5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Fake Relationship · Friends to Lovers · Second Chance · Series · Sexy

Wild Steamy Hook-Up (White Collar Brothers #3) by Piper Rayne

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4.5 Stars

Dominic Mancini and Valentina Sommerland were never meant to be. With a painful history of breaking each others hearts, they finally decided to cut their losses and move on… until Vegas happened. Waking up hungover in Vegas is a given, but waking up married is a whole lot more complicated…


Wild Steamy Hook-Up was a second chance romance worth fighting for! Dominic and Valentina have a love that has lasted for decades, despite the fact that they haven’t been in a relationship for most of that time. And when they mistakenly get married in Vegas, they immediately agree a marriage annulment is for the best… until their Mom’s find out, and suddenly Dom and Val have a marriage to work on…

Val is a single mother who once sacrificed her relationship with Dom for stability for her unborn baby. In the years since, and with one divorce already under her belt, she and Dom have been in and out of each others lives with multiple hook-ups and failed attempts at building something long lasting. But with a promise to their families to make their fake marriage work, Val and Dom’s relationship is about to get more real than it has ever been before…

Dominic is a workaholic who only makes time for casual hook-ups and no-strings attached relationships, except for when it comes to Valentina. She is the closest Dom has ever come to settling down, and look at how that blew up in his face… lesson learned. But now that they’re temporarily married, and living together, all their old rules about hooking up and never getting close are about to become a thing of the past…

This was a fantastic read! I absolutely loved Valentina and Dominic’s heartbreaking yet enduring love that they shared. With their steadfast connection that has never found an easy path, they have a lot to work on if they will ever make a relationship between them last. This book had a great plot and as always, many cameos from some of my favorite recurring characters! Val and Dom’s deep and sometimes painful history made for some emotional moments, steamy sex scenes and a wildly satisfying HEA.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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