4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Novella · Second Chance · Series

Abandon (Seaside Pictures #3.6) by Rachel Van Dyken

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4 Stars

Ty Cuban is having a bit of an identity crisis… as in all the women he is currently juggling just identified each other… and they are not happy. With a strong suggestion from his bandmates, Ty  has decided to spend the summer helping at a musician-run camp for kids…and in the process, try to get a handle on his life a little. Which works for about 10 seconds before a not-so-blast from his past shows up…

When Abigail Von Leery’s life takes a turn at home, she decides that joining her friends in Seaside, Oregon is just what she needs for yet another fresh start. But with some definite meddling taking place, instead she comes face to face with a past she has never been able to let go of… Ty Cuban, her first and only love.


Abandon was the delightfully entertaining and rock star laden return to Seaside, Oregon and the Seaside Pictures series. Abigail and Ty’s second chance romance was a story of the pain of losing the one you love, and the maturity that it takes to admit when you were wrong. With a relationship that was started when they were standing on the precipice of stardom, and when they were too young to hold on tightly to each other, Abigail and Ty have a lot of pain to work through to achieve a reconciliation worth fighting for…

This was a really good read! Abigail and Ty were both too young and immature for each other back when they fell in love, and upon their reunion, they find that the feelings they once had have soured over their years of being apart. But with their mutual friends hoping for a scenario in which they can make up and not hurt each other any more in the process, Abigail and Ty will have a lot to figure out about being in each others lives once more.

Abandon was a great addition to the Seaside Pictures series in which I am already such a fan of, and revisiting the fabulous characters whom we already know and love is always such a treat! With their always amusing group texts and their uniquely entertaining brand of humor, those well loved supporting characters kept the storyline light and fun in the midst of the deeper pain of Abigail and Ty’s past heartbreak. This second chance romance was filled with sweet moments and some sad ones as well, which made the well earned HEA all that much better in the end.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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