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Johnny (Bossy Brothers #3) by J.A. Huss


4 Stars

*** Johnny is book number three in the Bossy Brothers series and should be read after Joey and Jesse ***

Johnny Boston has had enough of his life living under the rule of the Way. He is determined to get the answers he needs to get rid of the entire corrupt organization, and  he knows of only one woman who might have the key to their downfall…

And then he finds Megan Machette. Chained to a wall and left to die… she seems like a victim, she seems so helpless and innocent… but Megan is holding more secrets than Johnny could ever fathom… and she might just be the break he has been looking for…


Johnny was the tumultuous and twisted third book in the Bossy Brothers series, where we are finally treated to more from the most mysterious Bossy brother yet. Johnny and Megan’s love story may be over before it even begins, because going head to head with an organization like the Way is only ever going to end badly… unless they can find a way to outsmart the people who have been pulling their strings since birth…

Megan and her father are both Way scientists and are privy to the innermost secrets as to the specifics of what the Way has them working on and researching. Growing up in this life, she has never had any other options but working for the Way and serving her purpose. But Megan has found herself in some deep trouble… which results in her being found helpless and without options by the one and only Johnny Boston.

Johnny is a deep thinker, who has been using his power and position within the organization to do everything he can to keep his remaining family from being pulled into his own personal hell. Johnny has always been viewed as the dark and disturbed brother, but beneath all of his executive decision making and psychotic tendencies, Johnny is harboring a secret sweet side that he can’t resist showing to his new enigmatic scientist sidekick…

This was an awesome read, and it showcased the greater story of the Way and it’s stronghold on the people who are unlucky enough to be born into it. With both Johnny and Megan expanding on the depraved power that the Way exudes, the mission to take them down becomes more important than ever… and suddenly they have a whole lot more to lose if the don’t succeed…

Johnny and Megan’s connection is steamy and decidedly complicated at the same time. Falling into sex as a means to feel good in the hours before they are risking their lives to fighting the Way, something happens when they let themselves pretend what life would be like if they had a simpler existence. They were both fascinating in their own way, and when they discover just how great of a team they could be, nothing is going to stop them from achieving their goal… even if their goals aren’t even close to the same as each other…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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