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Closer (Stage Dive #4.6) by Kylie Scott

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3.5 Stars

When lingerie model Mae Cooper gets a threatening package from an assumed dangerous stalker, her friends immediately get her hooked up with a bodyguard to keep her safe from any threats. And even though the last thing Mae wants is someone shadowing her every move, she really can’t complain about the delicious eye candy her bodyguard turns out to be…

Ziggy Thayer is a man of little words who takes his job of celebrity protection very seriously. So when his latest assignment turns out to be a gorgeous underwear model, Ziggy refuses to let anything distract him from his duty… no matter how tempting Mae may be…


Closer was a good mix of a little suspense, some sexy moments and an adorable couple who fall for each other faster than even they can catch on to their blossoming feelings. Mae and Ziggy work to keep their arrangement professional and complication free, but when they finally realize their attraction is mutual, all professionalism they hoped to maintain is about to disappear… along with their clothes…

Mae was such a fun character! I loved her glam side and her regular everyday low key existence as well. She had an adorable personality and was a delight to read. Ziggy was also a great character, if not a little too quite in the beginning to really get a feeling of his personality underneath all of his stoic silence. But once he made his feelings known, he was a big ole force to be reckoned with!

I enjoyed the plot of this book immensely, but I did feel like the relationship building between Mae and Ziggy took a back seat to the stalker storyline. With the barest hint of an attraction or any real interaction between Mae and Ziggy until the final chapters, I was pretty disappointed that I felt like I missed out on a lot of good scenes that could have happened throughout the book. With just a small glimpse of their sweet and spicy relationship in the end, this couple still delivered with an entirely satisfying HEA.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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