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Viral by T. Gephart

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3 Stars

When Vaughan Hale publicly dissolves his band, White Trash Circus, it never occurred to him that his social media post would go viral. And now, Vaughan’s once less than impressive following is about to explode, and suddenly, his dream of being famous musician is within reach… if he agrees to play nice with the one person who started the fallout in the first place…

Gillian Duzan is an executive at Domination, a record label that is known for doing things differently, and also happens to be owned by her father. Gillian works harder than any person her father has ever employed, and she has earned her reputation as one of the industries best. She knows potential success when she sees it, and Vaughan Hale might just have what it takes to become the star she knows he can be…


Viral was an entertaining and unique rock star romance. With Vaughan’s success not yet being achieved, and his future in the hands of Gillian, it is possibly the worst idea for these two to get involved. But, keeping their hands to themselves may be easier said then done when the two attractive and passionate personalities work together to catapult Vaughan’s career…

After the ultimate betrayal from one of his closest friends and his girlfriend, Vaughan deals with the situation in his own way… blasting it on social media. Vaughan was a likable enough guy, a little cocky at times, which mostly seemed to be used to cover up his hurt. He was super talented and had so much potential, but he also had a hard time resisting the woman who was ultimately responsible for his future.

Gillian has faced being judged on her looks, and not her talent one too many times. With her penchant for wearing extreme coverage clothing and working harder than anyone to prove her abilities, she has become respected among her peers… and she refuses to do anything to screw that up… like get involved with the talent. I loved her career focus and her hinted about inner turmoil, which helped round out her reasons for being so resistant to opening up and giving in to temptation.

I enjoyed this book. The plot was interesting and current in our social media environment of today. I wish the book would have gotten a little deeper with the characters personalities and their flaws and strengths. I also enjoyed Vaughan and Gillian’s attraction and their built in drama with getting involved, but I never felt too connected to them as a couple, perhaps due to some missing chemistry between them.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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