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Down Too Deep (Dirty Deeds #4) by J. Daniels

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3.5 Stars

After the death of his wife, Nathan Bell has closed himself off from living itself. But with a young daughter who needs him, Nathan needs to make some changes… and fast. With a sudden need for new childcare, and finding zero options that work, he meets a woman who selflessly offers her assistance… and she changes his life forever in the process.

Jenna Savage loves everything about being a mother, and she relishes the summers that she gets to spend with her kids. After witnessing Nathan’s desperate need for assistance with his daughter, she immediately offers to babysit whenever he needs… she just didn’t realize how often he would be away, or how little he knows about being a parent. But, little by little, Jenna helps Nathan become the Dad he always wanted to be… and opens his heart to all of life’s possibilities in the process…


Down Too Deep was an emotionally charged read with the sweetest non-traditional family dynamic in the making. Jenna and Nathan’s relationship was fraught with many obstacles and long buried pain, but the healing they provided each other was something the greatest relationships are made of… if they do everything they can to let them flourish…

I really enjoyed the premise of this book, and the characters were sweet and had an ultra sexy sexual dynamic. I loved Jenna’s generous personality and her desire to help a man who has been through so much, but I also felt that she was way too much of a push over in the process. Nathan’s pain and inner turmoil was palpable, and I really enjoyed his transformation throughout the book, but there were definite moments when he was hard to love. For all of the great, heartwarming moments this book provided, the story also lagged at times, and I had to work to stay engaged through the entirety of the story as a result.

This book is a must read for people who enjoy a kid-centric story, with the blending of families and second chances at love. This read was sexy, sweet and dealt with some difficult themes. And as the final book in the Dirty Deeds series, there was also a very nice representation from all of the characters from previous books and great glimpses of their lives now.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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