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Twisted Marriage (Filthy Vows #2) by Alessandra Torre

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4.5 Stars

*** Twisted Marriage is book two in the Filthy Vows series and should be read after book one, Filthy Vows ***

Elle and Easton North’s marriage has never been hotter since the experiences from their newest sexual adventures. But dealing with the morning after, and the days since being awakened to a new lifestyle, will their marriage ultimately suffer, or will it end up being stronger than ever. Only time and a few more fantasy interactions may give them the answers they’re looking for…


Twisted Marriage was everything I could have hoped for in a story revisiting a couple as alluring as Elle and Easton. From their continued super hot, everyday sex life to their newly realized extracurricular sexual experiences, there isn’t much that these two wouldn’t do for each other. But life has a way of getting you down, and while they risk inviting the unknown into their marriage, they will come to realize how voraciously they need to protect each other in the process…

Dare I say that this book was even hotter than the first, Filthy Vows?! With all kinds of sweat inducing and filthy hot sex in it’s pages, this book was also dealt with all of the emotional complications that arise from sharing each other. To find a new normal, and deal with any potential fallout from people finding out about their latest marriage developments, Elle and Easton’s relationship has to be stronger than ever for them to survive.

I seriously loved everything about this story. First of all, the De Lucas make an appearance, and for Torre fans, revisiting these two is an extra special surprise!! And then there is Elle and Easton themselves… yes, the sex is HOT, and it keeps getting hotter. But this couple is one that you just feel deserves all the great things to happen to them, and finally, things are starting to seem like they might just start going on the right track… and I need MORE from them and their seriously filthy and utterly enviable marriage!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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