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Falling for my Brother’s Best Friend (The Baileys #4) by Piper Rayne

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4.5 Stars

Savannah is the Bailey sibling whom everyone relies on… for everything. After the sudden death of her parents, she moved back to Lake Starlight to help raise her family and to take over Bailey Timber, and she lost herself in the process. In the years since, she has been the stable, organized and increasingly boring Bailey… until Liam Kelly has something to say about it…

Liam Kelly has been an extended part of the Bailey family since childhood, and the family continues to mean everything to him… especially Savannah. From his childhood crush to his current day infatuation, he just wishes that Savannah could see herself as he does… as everything he has ever wanted…


Falling for my Brother’s Best Friend was a heartwarming, entertaining and super sexy read that captured every last thing that I loved about the Baileys series in one unforgettable book. Despite their sizzling shared chemistry, Savannah thinks she and Liam are all wrong for each other. But there is something about this insightful and soulful man who can see the Savannah that everyone else is always overlooking… and just how much she may need saving…

Savannah would do anything, and everything, for her family, and has spent the years since their parents death doing just that. As CEO of Bailey Timber, she is also the public face of the Bailey family, and feels she must always be the picture of professionalism as a result. And while Savannah doesn’t love her life, it’s the only way she knows how to be, until Liam steps in and pushes her one too many times…

Liam is a successful business owner and Lake Starlight’s resident bad boy with a heart of gold. As an honorary member of the Bailey family, Liam spent his childhood surrounded by all things Bailey… and Savannah was everything to his young heart. And now that the Savannah from his youth seems to be a shell of her former self, Liam comes up with the perfect plan to help her get a little bit of her old self back… if they can stop fighting long enough that is…

This was a fabulous read! Savannah and Liam had a lot of factors working against them, from their completely opposite personalities, to the fact that Savannah was always worried about being older than Liam, many of their interactions would end up in a fight to mask the attraction they were always trying to ignore.

Savannah was a successful, reliable, and incredibly stressed woman. As the person that everyone from her family to her employees went to for help and/or answers, she had painted herself into a role she didn’t exactly enjoy living. And while she was so used to doing everything for everyone, she ended up being a little misguided about what the residents of Lake Starlight really thought of her.

Liam was an incredibly observant and caring man who might just be the best thing the Bailey family ever encountered. With the way he honors the deceased Bailey parents, and holds onto his own memories, he never hesitated to show just how much he has always loved the Bailey family.

I loved Savannah and Liam’s story so much, it was sweet and sexy, and went so much deeper than I was anticipating that it brought forth all. the. feels. And in a series of so many excellent characters and books, I think that Savannah and Liam might just be my favorites… so far…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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