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Downfall (Kingdoms of Sin #1) by Willow Aster

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4 Stars

Princess Eden Safrin of Farrow can’t wait to finally meet the man she has been promised to marry. But her first impression of Prince Luka Catano of Niaps leaves her with a severe case of loathing she fears she has no hope of getting over. He’s rude, arrogant and never seems to turn down female attention… but when Luka decides to start playing nice for a change, Eden finds herself in danger of falling for her own jerk of a fiancèe…


Downfall was a sexy story full of intrigue and betrayal within the realm of a modern day royalty like you’ve never seen. Eden and Luka’s betrothal serves both of their kingdoms, but does little for the dislike they have for each other. But when an unknown danger threatens their union, these two find themselves as not only potential allies, but lovers who fall deeper in lust with every encounter they share… until one of them is exposed as as being the worst kind of liar…

Eden and Luka come from very different upbringings. While they are both from important and powerful families, Eden grew up surrounded by never-ending love in a land of snow, while Luka was raised by a cold and unattached family in a tropical paradise. And this ends up being the best representation of the relationship between them. Hot and then cold, their attraction may only served to hurt them in the end if they can’t figure out how to live with each other and the differences they embody.

I enjoyed the plot of this immensely, and the writing was engaging and superbly done. Eden and Luka were both fascinating characters and I loved their dynamic, and the push and pull from all of their drama. And if it weren’t for two major character flaws they each possessed, I would have been obsessed with everything in this book.

Eden was an amazing woman. I loved her strength and her fortitude and what she became to Luka’s people by just being herself. But what I didn’t enjoy was all. the. crying. I mean, we all need a good cry once in awhile, but I think Eden has got to be seriously dehydrated from the amounts of tears she sheds. She showed what a force she could be when she was true to herself, but in the end, crying seemed to be her go to solution… for everything.

And Luka, oh man do I love a brooding jerk. He was forever hot and cold with Eden, which he definitely has his reasons for. He was insatiable for all things Eden and when he treated her well, was the swooniest of heroes. But he made some seriously bad decisions that I just could not get over. His reasoning for it all is a very weak, and I lost so much love for this story as a result.

This is book one in the Kingdoms of Sin series, and I absolutely can not wait to see what will comes next for this fresh and utterly intriguing book world.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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