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Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren

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4 Stars

Tate Jones was once just the estranged daughter of one of the worlds most famous movie stars. After spending a large portion of her childhood hiding her true identity, she meets Sam Brandis, a man whom she feels like she wants to share everything with… even the truth about her childhood. But she finds out the hard way about confiding in the wrong person and her life changes overnight…


Twice in a Blue Moon was a story about a young, all consuming love which quickly takes a turn, when a betrayal shatters the heart of our sheltered heroine Tate, and changes her life forever. Tate and Sam’s road would have never been an easy one, but meeting each other alters the trajectory in which their lives have been set… and until they meet again, has kept them from finding a true happiness in life without each other.

When we meet Tate she is freshly graduated from high school and on a trip with her grandmother to London to celebrate. With her plans set to start college in the fall, she is also secretly harboring a desire to be an actress, just like her absentee father. When she meets Sam, she not only falls head over heels in love with him, but he also opens her eyes to what she really wants in life, all while obliterating her anonymity in the process…

Sam lives on a farm in Vermont with his grandparents who mean everything to him, but there is something about Tate that has him questioning his quiet existence and settling into life on the farm. But when things in his world change abruptly, Sam makes the worst decision of his life and loses the woman he loves as a result. And it isn’t until fourteen years later that he comes to realize just how badly he hurt Tate in the process of saving his own family…

Twice in a Blue Moon was such a fantastic read! I absolutely loved the plot, it was fresh and engaging, and everything I love about the writing of Christina Lauren. I also thought the movie role and screenplay aspect was brilliant and I adored Sam’s ultimate tribute to his grandparents.

Tate and Same were both such endearing characters who hooked me from the very beginning and definitely had me rooting for them to find their HEA. The story itself started out hot and heavy between young Tate and Sam, but changed into a slow burn pace with their reunion. I ultimately would have loved a lot more depth to their adult relationship, I felt it was missing some much needed interactions and HEAT to really sell me on their attraction being so seamless fourteen years later.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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