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Hot Mess Love by Aria Hawthorne

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3 Stars

Conchita Castillo is a sexually free and liberated woman who finds the fun in everything… but doesn’t stick around for long afterwards. When she meets a sexy British man who is definitely going to be her newest fling, she can’t wait to get between the sheets with him… too bad the universe has other ideas…

Christopher Griffin is a sexy British billionaire investor who is only in Chicago for a short amount of time… until he meets Conchita and all of the reasons he has to return to the UK, all of a sudden pale in comparison to getting to know Conchita better… in and out of bed…


Hot Mess Love was an ultra sexy and thoroughly amusing read. Conchita and Christopher are insanely attracted to each other and want nothing more than to sleep together ASAP, but with first dates and constant delays getting in the way, their intended fling turns out to be something much more than they were expecting…

Conchita is a hilarious tell-it-like-it-is woman who has a problem holding down a job, or a relationship for that matter. Although, when her dream job lands in her lap and requires Conchita to do what Conchita does best, she finds herself suddenly thriving and putting her all into saving the failing company, and ensuring a future of all things sex toys.

Christopher is a Brit who loves American girls, and Conchita is the most fascinating one yet. With his business in Chicago wrapped up and not requiring him to remain in Chicago any longer, he has no reason to stay and get to know her better, but missing out on Conchita has made his predictable and often times boring life over in England start to look less and less appealing.

This was a good read, I loved the plot and the characters had so much potential, but it unfortunately just didn’t deliver for me. Conchita was a favorite character from previous books, I love her personality and her free thinking existence. But the hashtags were just too much. I actually stopped reading them completely and it helped me stay within the story so much better without them. Christopher came off as sexy and fun, but his British identity really confused me, it seriously just did not add up.

I really liked the writing, but the story was just too long in the beginning, with a too quick resolution in the end. The sex was HOT, but lacked substance, and I felt the characters needed a connection that went further than their sexcapades took them. As you can see, I am all over the board on this read. I wanted to love it, but there were just too many aspects that kept me from doing so.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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