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Crazy for Loving You (Bluewater Billionaires) by Pippa Grant

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4 Stars

What happens when the delightfully quirky gazillionaire heiress with a heart of gold, Daisy Carter-Kincaid and the no-nonsense former marine, Westley Jaeger are teamed up to raise a baby?! Romantic comedy gold and a love story that will leave you with a perma-smile on your face…


Crazy for Loving You was delightfully eccentric and an utterly charming read! What Daisy and Westley don’t have in common, they make up for in their insatiable attraction and their mutual desire to give baby Remy the kind of love and care that he deserves. Sexy, sweet and laugh out loud funny, this book will warm your heart and leave you wishing for more!

Daisy and Westley were an adorable couple. From the moment they met they shared a slightly inconvenient attraction and they seemed a little wary of each others intentions. But being named co-guardians to a baby that both of them had never once interacted with has a way of putting even the most opposite of personalities on the same level. And once Daisy and Westley get to know each other, they start to discover just how much they really truly like each other… even though getting romantically involved just might be the worst idea ever…

This book was such a fun read, and after meeting all of Daisy’s friends in the Bluewater Billionaires series, I am so ready to explore their stories as well! The humor in this book is top notch and over the top. I loved all of the rich, crazy, and incredibly loyal characters we meet through Daisy, and then Westley’s family, who are their own brand of crazy and fun in the way of an incredibly close-knit family. And I definitely can’t leave out how everyone falls in love with the sweet and adorable baby Remy, who brings them all together, all while interrupting all the sexy and fun stuff, just like babies do best!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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