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Out of the Darkness (Hope Valley #6) by Jessica Prince

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5 Stars

When Sage Winthrop arrives in Hope Valley, she immediately recognizes it as a place to call home. Not only does she land an awesome job, but the small town is gorgeous, inviting, and every person she meets is warm and friendly… well, except for that one jerk at the coffee shop whom she will probably never have to see again…

Xander Caine takes one look at Sage and his instincts tell him he needs to stay far, far away from her. Not only is she gorgeous, but her attitude does things to him that should never happen in public. Avoiding the new woman in town will be a total piece of cake… until she walks into Alpha Omega Investigations… 


Out of the Darkness was my absolutely favorite kind of read! With extremely well written friction between Sage and Xander heating up the pages, we are lead into a sexy story that makes you smile and your heart hurt for the characters in completely equal measure. Sage and Xander have both experienced difficult pasts which have shaped who they are today, but to overcome the darkness to embrace their future, they will have to trust each other with their most vulnerable asset.. their heart.

Sage was such an amazing character, I don’t think I could have possibly loved her any more! Tough AF, completely genuine, and not afraid to speak her mind, she rolled into Hope Valley and the town took notice immediately. Her banter with Xander was complete perfection and she gave him very little leeway in his treatment of her, even when she realized she was hopelessly in love with him.

Xander is a very large and very gruff man who basically scares every person he comes into contact with… except for the tiny, yet hilariously sassy, Sage. She pushes his buttons and makes him aware of feelings that have long been buried, much to his highly verbalized annoyance.

Out of the Darkness just won the award for being my absolute favorite book (so far!) in the fantastic Hope Valley series. Sage and Xander’s smoldering attraction coupled with their contentious dynamic fueled the already engaging and entertaining plot into full blown overdrive. The sex was H.O.T. and meaningful, the suspense and drama were top notch, and the characters had such depth and sincerity, their HEA will leave you with a highly satisfied smile on your face.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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