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His Royal Highness by R.S. Grey

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5 Stars

Growing up steps away from Fairytale Kingdom was like living in a dream to Whitney Atwood, and she started working at the theme park as soon as she was old enough to be hired. From the happiness it produces for it’s guests, to her co-workers, who are like family, Whitney could never imagine anything better than her life as a fairytale princess.

Derek Knightley is the real prince of Fairytale Kingdom, and the heir apparent to the entire magical enterprise. And way back when, he knew a much younger, and incredibly awkward Whitney Atwood. Being away from home for eight years was worth it, but now that he’s back, he’s here to stay, and the all grown up and fiercely confident Whitney has enchanted him all over again…


His Royal Highness was romantic comedy perfection! When a fairytale princess is paired with a prince-too-charming-for-his-own-good, sparks fly and continually smolder in this must read workplace romance. Whitney and Derek’s story is full of great laughs, loads of sexual tension and the epic setting of Fairytale Kingdom where the magic isn’t all it appears to be.

Whitney loves her role as the beloved character Princess Elena in the Fairytale Kingdom theme park. From her close relationship to the parks owner, and her adopted work family, there isn’t much that could threaten her happiness. Until Derek Knightley returns.  Once a friend and a mentor, after he disappeared from her life eight years ago she tried her hardest to move on… which after seeing him again, it’s obvious just how miserably she failed.

Derek has returned home to take up the reigns as Director of Operations, a job he has earned through his hard work and complete dedication to his grandfather and the company. But the board needs a little more convincing, and Derek finds himself working as a fairytale character of his own, alongside the woman whom he can’t wait to spend hours upon hours working with…

I loved Whitney so much, from her awkward moments, to her ability to charm everyone around her without knowing it, she was incredibly endearing. And then when you learn about the deep hurt she faces, you just want to wrap her up and take care of her forever. Derek was not only charming and gorgeous, but underneath all of his privilege is a sincere man who never uses his family name to get ahead without working harder than everyone else to earn his way.

This was such a fantastic read, I seriously don’t even know how to write a review worthy of how much I loved this book! First of all the Fairytale Kingdom setting was so fresh and fun, as well as incredibly well researched, that I had no problem visualizing every single one of the fascinating scenes and settings within the park. The plot was entertaining, fast paced and a ton of fun, and the connection between Whitney and Derek was sweet and sexy all rolled into adorable as heck (that’s right, heck… there are children present in the Kingdom!)

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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