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Violent Triumphs (White Monarch #3) by Jessica Hawkins

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4 Stars

*** Violent Triumphs is the final book in the White Monarch trilogy and should be read after book one and two. This review may contain spoilers if you have not yet read the first two books in the trilogy ***

“Love is I’d die for you, not would you die for me?

Natalia de la Rosa has been lied to her entire life, and now she is married to a monster because of it. But her husband isn’t exactly who he seems, and just when she finally starts to realize just how much her feelings for Cristiano de la Rosa may have started to change… they are torn apart in the most brutal of ways…


Violent Triumphs is the highly anticipated conclusion to the spellbinding White Monarch trilogy, and just when you think that their HEA is finally within reach, this story will carve your heart out just a tiny bit more. Natalia and Cristiano’s final chapter is filled with suspense, drama and FINALLY the scorching hot sex we have all been waiting for!!

Natalia has not only accepted her fate as the wife of the dangerous and often whispered about Cristiano de la Rosa, but has come to embrace her role as Queen of the Badlands. With their relationship slowly changing, Natalia and Cristiano become the partners that they both always dreamed about in a marriage. But when their enemies bring the brutal cartel fight to their front door, the love and acceptance they have finally found in each other may be doomed to meet a tragic end…

The White Monarch trilogy was a darkly fabulous and engaging read from beginning to end. The chemistry between Natalia and Cristiano is continuously off the charts HOT, and in the final book we are treated to the sexiest moments yet! This installment was filled with suspense and the fight of both Natalia and Cristiano’s lives. And while I felt that this book started out a little slow, it definitely delivered everything I wanted in the end with a soul shattering BANG!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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