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Wordless by Sabrina Stark

Wordless Ebook Cover.jpg

3 Stars

When Becka Burke meets her favorite author, Jack Ward, she can’t believe her luck! And when he shows up at her apartment… wait, what’s he doing at her apartment?! There is just something about Jack Ward that doesn’t add up… and when Becka “lands” an intern position on his latest book tour, she can’t help but try to uncover the secrets that Jack is keeping…


Wordless was a cute, slow burn romance filled with intrigue and an adorable couple who   will make you smile over and over again. Becka and Jack’s romance was funny, sweet and sexy all rolled into one enjoyable read.

Becka is a college student who runs into some drama at her current residence and ends up with her favorite author intervening on her behalf. If that isn’t strange enough, once Jack invites her to help him with his book tour, her usually quiet and average life take a turn for over-eager-fan wresting and internet searches…

Jack is an enigma to anyone who pays close enough attention, and Becka seems to see way to much as it is. Sure, everyone knows that he is a bestselling author, but Jack is keeping some BIG secrets… least of all is how attracted he is to his new assistant…

I really enjoyed the plot and the characters in this book! And Jack’s super secret life was a fun mystery throughout the storyline as well. I did feel that while this story was a slow burn romance, it was actually too slow for a slow burn. With 80 chapters (yikes!), I felt a lot of scenes could have been trimmed down and the focus should have been more on Becka and Jack, and the building relationship between them, and not so much on the details of the book tour and all of the shenanigans involved with it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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