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Shelf Awareness (Green Valley Library #4) by Katie Ashley

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3 Stars

When Finley Granger catches her husband cheating, she decides to move to Green Valley, Tennessee to live with her grandmother and her adorable Golden Girl-esque housemates.   She knows immediately that she made a great choice when she lands a job at the local library and is immediately accepted by the warm and welcoming Green Valley community.

Zeke Masters is on sabbatical from his career and life in Seattle in a quest to find his birth parents. He meets Finley volunteering at the library, and the two immediately hit it off… as friends who need zero complications in their lives. But when an attraction between them becomes too hard to ignore, the small town library may never be the same again…


Shelf Awareness was a sweet and entertaining read set in Green Valley, Tennessee and in the Penny Reid Universe. It was so much fun to see the quirky town showcased by the new Green Valley Library series and characters interconnected to our beloved Winstons. Finley and Zeke’s romance was fun and lighthearted with some added drama and nerd shenanigans thrown in!

Finley was adorably awkward and got herself into some very random situations. After leaving her cheating husband and starting her life fresh, she makes some great discoveries about herself in Green Valley.

Zeke was a super sexy nerd who makes no apologies for loving computers and cosplay. As an incredibly self assured individual, he is on a self discovery mission of his own to find the people who brought him into the world before he was lovingly adopted.

I enjoyed the plot of this book immensely, but I don’t think the story itself had a very great flow. Finley and Zeke were both interesting characters and the sex was super hot, but the relationship and attraction aspect of the story wasn’t as prevalent as I would have liked it to be. I think my favorite part of this story was Finley’s grandmother and her adorable best friends who all lived together and provided endless entertainment!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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