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Audition (True North #1) by Skye Warren

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4 Stars

Bethany Lewis lives and breathes her ballet career, it is the only thing she has always been able to rely on in her life, and she wouldn’t give it up for anything. And when she starts to get threatening messages from an overzealous fan, the last thing she expected was a ghost from her past to come back and insert himself in her life in the name of protecting her…

Joshua North is a former mercenary turned partner in North Security, and when he hears about the trouble Bethany is having, he is the first person to volunteer to keep a watch over her. With their complicated past and an attraction that is still burning hot years later, protecting Bethany may be a bigger job than a ruthless guy like Josh could have ever anticipated…


Audition was a sexy and sweltering read about a young and vastly talented ballet dancer and the world hardened man who is all wrong for her. With a fascinating plot and a delightful friction-addled dynamic between Bethany and Joshua, this book was an engaging read from beginning to end.

When Bethany and Josh first met she was a way too young sixteen year old sister to a hardened criminal that Josh was tasked with taking down. Forming a friendship and letting the attraction simmer between them, they haven’t seen each other in the five years since everything shattered between them. To say that Bethany isn’t happy to see Josh again is an understatement, but he refuses to leave her unprotected while she may be facing an unspecified danger, no matter if she wants him in her life or not.

This book started out as a slow burn romance, but once the sexiness starts it more than makes up for the waiting we have to endure up to that point! Bethany and Josh were a very interesting couple, who both have troubled pasts and have spent their lives dealing with the darkness of the world in their own ways.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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