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The Punk and the Plaything (When Rivals Play #3) by B.B. Reid

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3.5 Stars

Barbette Montgomery is engaged to one boy while being in love with another. But despite her complicated relationship status, Barbie only has to keep up with her charade for just a tiny bit longer and she can finally move on from the stresses of high school… 

Jameson Buchanan was once in love with Barbette, but she ripped his heart out and he has never recovered from it. And now he is back in Blackwood Keep… to stay… and Barbie is on his mind as much as ever… just not in a good way…


The Punk and the Plaything was the scorchingly sexy and seriously angsty third story in the When Rivals Play series. Barbie and Jamie have very complex feelings for each other, and a whole lot of baggage between them. But when their somewhat seething attraction to one another finally wins out, their difficulties may just be beginning…

Barbette is a strong and determined young woman, that is until Jamie reenters her life. Being engaged to her best friend from childhood may not be working for her best interests any longer, but she has her reasons for staying in the farce of a relationship… no matter how convoluted things may start to get because of it.

Jamie is vastly bitter about Barbette and the past they once shared. But, returning to Blackwood Keep has changed everything, and now that he is back in the same town as Barbie, Jamie vows to make her regret ever treating him the way she did… by seducing her and showing her just how ruthless he can be.

I really enjoyed the plot if this book, and I loved the type of person Barbette ended up being after we get to see her in a quite a new light from the previous books in the series. She was a once loyal friend and yet circumstance in her life have changed the way she presents herself to the world. And Jamie, oh man I wanted to like him, but the way he treated Barbie never seemed to get any better. I would have loved to see some growth in him, but unfortunately it just never seemed to happen.

This book had some seriously sexy moments and some great scenes with the entire gang that we have come to love from the rest of the series. With secrets being revealed and the group growing up and moving on to more adult endeavors, I am excited to see what is next in the When Rivals Play series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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