4 Star · ARC Review · Bad Boy · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Opposites Attract · Reformed Man Whore · Series · Unrequited Love · Young Adult/New Adult

Nothing But Wild (Malibu University #2) by P. Dangelico

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4 Stars

In her final year at Malibu University, Dora Ramos has decided she is ready to come out of her shell. And when the opportunity presents itself to kiss the hottest guy on campus, Dora jumps at the chance whole heartedly… right before she freaks out and bolts…

Dallas Van Zant can’t get the mysterious stranger he kissed out of his head. She seems so familiar, yet unlike any girl he has ever dated… and all he wants is to see her again…


Nothing But Wild was a sexy and entertaining, opposites attract romance set on the privileged campus of Malibu University. Featuring the sweet, yet awkward Dora and the rich and mischievous playboy, Dallas, these two have a story of finding true love with the person you’d least expect…

Dora is a shy and sheltered young woman who has been crushing hard on Dallas, and kisses him one night at a party… while in a way too sexy cat woman costume. Fast forward to the days following the “incident”, and suddenly she and Dallas keep running into each other… and he keeps looking at her like he never has before…

Dallas is young, rich, gorgeous and everything seems to come easy for him… except for any real connections with people who don’t want something from him in return. Meeting a refreshing person like Dora, who is sweet and innocent, yet at the same time the most fascinating of women, Dallas can’t help but want to get to know her better… even if he uses some shady means to do so…

This was such a great book, I loved the plot, and Dora and Dallas were both interesting, well written characters in their own rights. Dora’s Dads were absolutely adorable, and they were the most supportive and endearing of parents. While Dallas’ childhood was a much darker and devastating experience. I didn’t quite get enough chemistry between these two, and would have loved to see some more sexy scenes between them, but I did enjoy the relationship pairing as a whole.

Dora and Dallas’ story was cute, sexy, and consisted of enough drama to keep it captivating. I can’t get enough of the characters at Malibu University, and I would love to see more stories from this world in the future!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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