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Wait for Me by Tia Louise

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4 Stars

When Noel LaGrange and Taron Rhodes meet, they fall in love immediately. But loving someone isn’t always easy… Taron is her brother’s best friend, and they are being deployed in only a few weeks time. But if their love is meant to be, all he has to do is ask her to wait for him, and Noel will spend an eternity doing so… until tragedy strikes and does it’s best to tear them apart…


Wait for Me was a sweetly emotional and heartbreaking read. Noel and Taron fall in love quickly and intensively, and vow to wait for each other until they can be together for real. But their vow is too easily broken when things go wrong and they are parted for seven long years. From the hurt they have endured to the secrets that are on the brink of being exposed, picking up where they left off is a virtually impossible dream…

Noel is a woman wise beyond her years when she meets Taron and falls madly in love with him. After the tragic loss of her parents at young age, Noel takes special care of her family and is dedicated to the orchard they own together. She is highly driven and motivated, but she almost loses it all when she and Taron go their separate ways…

Taron joins the Marines to make a difference in the world, but after meeting Noel, he is immediately torn between his duty and having to leave behind the woman he loves. But when his deployment takes a turn, the love that they share just isn’t enough for Taron to overcome his demons. After a seven year separation, Taron returns to the orchard where it all began… and finds the biggest surprise of his life in the process.

This story was a super sexy and deeply emotional read about redemption, forgiveness and finding the person who will save you over and over again. I loved Noel and Taron’s journey, it wasn’t always easy, and the hurt sometimes seemed like too much for either of them to endure, but in the end their HEA was worth every little bit of the pain involved.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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