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Syler McKnight by Cora Brent

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4 Stars

Syler McKnight and Katrina Feldman have never gotten along… well, except for that ONE night… but these enemies have one thing in common, their love for Syler’s sister, Gemma. And when she needs them, they both waste zero time in showing up to help her… and in the process, must work out a way not to kill, kiss, or otherwise maim each other…


Syler McKnight was a festive and entertaining enemies-to-lovers, holiday read! Syler and Katrina haven’t seen each other in years, but when they both arrive at Gemma’s house for the holidays, the close quarters are either going to be complete torture, or the best thing that ever happened to them…

I really liked Katrina, she has a satisfying life in Manhattan, and a successful career (albeit stalled at the moment), that she has worked very hard for. But, the moment she talks to her BFF Gemma and she realizes that she needs her, she leaves it all behind to be at her side during the holidays.

Syler is a good guy who disguises himself as a total jerk. And with his long-standing infatuation with Katrina not being reciprocated, he tends to behave badly whenever she is around. But when Syler realizes he just might have some growing up to do, the ultimate goal is set for him to get Katrina to finally admit that she doesn’t hate him as much as she likes to think she does…

This story was cute, sexy, and so much fun to read! Katrina and Syler had the most adorable sexual tension and (apparent dislike) fueled connection. I absolutely loved their dedication to Gemma and her kids, and the added separate family dynamic for them both was so well done and heartwarming!

This story will put you in the mood to hunker down in your warm house over the holidays and enjoy every minute of this adorable read!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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