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Halfway Girl (Girl #2.5) by Tessa Bailey

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4 Stars

When Birdie and Jeremiah meet at a frat party, they have an instant connection and scorching hot attraction. But a relationship between them could never work… Jeremiah is a large and intimidating jock, and Birdie is doing everything she can to live for her deceased sister… and a guy like Jeremiah is the last thing her sister would have wanted…


Halfway Girl was a hot, sexy and fast insta-love story that took the idea of a gentle giant to a whole new level. Jeremiah is a quiet and generally misunderstood beast of a young man, and Birdie is the outspoken and refreshing girl who is the first to see him for who he really is…

I loved this super hot and incredibly sweet read! Birdie is in college, pledging a sorority in memory of her sister and generally avoiding Jeremiah (when she can.) Jeremiah may be big and mean looking, but under the tough exterior lies just about the sweetest and most attentive man in the entire world, who is generally very quiet… until the dirty talking side of him takes over!

On the subject of the audio book, I am definitely not an audio connoisseur, and I will rarely review an audiobook on this blog. I think they are a great concept, especially for someone with a long commute or someone who likes to listen when they exercise, etc. I just don’t happen to love someone essentially reading aloud to me. But then I had Lasik this fall (which is amazing, btw) and I spent an entire evening with an eye restriction and some Read Me Romance loaded up and ready to go!

If you haven’t heard, Read Me Romance is a podcast of FREE romance audiobooks which are released every week… and I absolutely loved it. The two books that I listened to have fantastic narrators and a fun interaction with the authors themselves! I still love traditional reading, but Read Me Romance will be my go to for every audiobook I can devour through this amazing concept.

I listened to this book for free on the Read Me Romance podcast and have provided my honest and unbiased review.

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