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*New Release!* Seductive by W. Winters



Seductive is LIVE and ON SALE for release week only! Grab your copy now for just 99c!!⁣

He’s forbidden, dangerous, and everything that’s bad for me. More than that, the life he leads is exactly why I’d been on the run.⁣
The seductive and powerful air around him is what drew me in, the reminder of what could have and should have been years ago.⁣
His dark gaze riddled with desire could always see through me. Deep down to the core of what I craved most. To be his.⁣
And so I agreed. I came back. I chose him even when I knew I shouldn’t.⁣
If only it were so easy to forget the past. If only our mistakes didn’t hold on to us, harder and more violently than we could hold on to each other.⁣

Seductive is an extension of Addison and Daniel’s story, Possessive. Although it can be read on its own, it’s recommended you start with Possessive. ⁣

This story was previously published in the Alphas Confess All Anthology*

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