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Bad Alibi (Redemption #1) by Jessica Prince

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4 Stars

After barely surviving the worst thing to ever happen to her, Farah Hyland is done with her old life back in Connecticut, and decides to start over in a town called Redemption… and her risk pays off immediately. New friends, a new home, and even a job to call her own…. and Cannon Banks, the man she knows she needs to avoid at all costs… even when she is drawn to him again and again…


Bad Alibi was a sexy, sweet and uplifting story about a woman doing what it takes to finally reach for her own happiness, and finding everything she ever wanted in the journey. Farah and Cannon’s opposite attract romance dealt with some tough subjects and an unmistakable connection, that given a chance to thrive may be the kind of love dreams are made of… and scars are healed from…

When Farah moves to Redemption, Tennessee she immediately finds herself immersed in a community that welcomes her with open arms and proves that her decision to make her drastic life changes is the best thing she has ever done for herself. And while everything in her new town just keeps getting better than the last, it isn’t until she sets her eyes upon Cannon Banks that Farah realizes there may be bigger things in Redemption than she is ready for…

Cannon is a man who gets around, and makes no apologies about it, but there is definitely more to this man than meets the eye. He makes Farah nervous with just one look from across a crowded room… and it’s definitely NOT for her safety. Their attraction is immediate and fierce, but with Farah’s avoidance and Cannon’s impatience… are they destined to miss the best thing that will ever happen to them…

This was such a sweet and heartwarming story, filled with fantastic characters in a lovely town, and the many entertaining relationships and personalities within it. Farah and Cannon’s love story went from scorching, to protective and loving, and everything in between. After Farah’s incident, she isn’t searching for a relationship, but when she finds Cannon, he is a man who seems to be able to give her everything she never knew she needed. I loved Farah’s strength and her commitment to her new life, and she deserved every bit of goodness she finds in Redemption… and then some!

Bad Alibi was the fantastic beginning to the new and highly anticipated Redemption series. This first book has already introduced some fascinating secondary characters who have shown us a glimpse of their own possible stories and the guaranteed continued excitement that will come from Redemption, Tennessee…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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