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The Fight for Forever (Legend Trilogy #3) by Meghan March


4 Stars

*** The Fight for Forever is the third and final book in the Legend Trilogy. This review may contain spoilers if you have not yet read the first two books in the series. ***

Scarlett Priest and Gabriel Legend have already faced many hurdles in their unlikely relationship, but now, their fight is greater than ever… and about to be fought on the very doorstep to their future…


The Fight for Forever has cemented Scarlet and Gabe into hottest power couple territory, for life! The conclusion of the Legend Trilogy delivered with sexy AF locker room moments, sweet and heartfelt relationship goodness, and an action packed conclusion that won’t keep you guessing anymore for all of the answers we have been dying for!

Starting this trilogy with The Fall of Legend gave us a background into these two highly interesting characters and it showed the potential of the epic relationship that they both have been waiting a lifetime for, whether they are aware of it, or not. In the bridge of the trilogy, House of Scarlett packed on the drama and left us wondering where these two will end up, and if Gabriel has what it takes to pull himself out of mess after mess that is presented to him… and The Fight for Forever is where it all comes together… for better or for worse…

This trilogy was another showstopper from the insanely talented Meghan March. I adored the relationship between Scarlet and Gabriel, and the love and devotion they have for each other just keeps getting better and better. Include in the training and the impending MMA fight, the future of the club, and all the danger and drama in the conclusion, this book will leave you breathless… and ready to experience it over and over again…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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