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Alonzo (Bossy Brothers #5) by J.A. Huss

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4.5 Stars

Tara Tanner has a dirty little secret, and his name is Lonnie Derringer. She and the dirty talking accountant have been involved for the better part of two years… but have never met in person. But while phone sex with Lonnie is better than any of the real men she has ever been with, when Lonnie starts acting weird, Tara starts to wonder just how well she really knows her fantasy man…

Alonzo Dumas is definitely NOT a boring accountant. And even though he has been essentially catfishing Tara for the entire span of their relationship, he has still been more truthful with her than anyone else in his entire life… and he just might want a future with the woman of his dreams… who knows next to nothing about him…


Alonzo was a no-holds-barred phone sex masterpiece that will leave you completely satisfied… and yet desperate for more. Tara and Alonzo have an ultra sexy and steaming hot relationship, despite having never met in person. But when the façade of their identities starts to crumble, will the connection they share suffer as a consequence of their not-so-honest beginning…

Tara is living a whole new life since she saw something she shouldn’t have, and eventually ended up in the the witness protection program. Life in Fort Collins (woot! FOCO shout out!!!) may be quiet and a little boring, but her sex life is thriving. Until the lie that Tara didn’t know she was living is exposed, and she decides to confront the man who has been lying to her for the past two years…

Alonzo is a hunky fisherman who knows his way around phone sex… and false relationships. When he and Tara first started talking, he only planned on keeping his subterfuge going for a short while, but the more time he spends with Tara, the harder it is for him to move on. And when he finally comes clean, Tara surprises him by showing up when he least expects her… and as a result, she just might possibly bring his entire extracurricular activities screeching to a halt…

Phew, this was one incredibly sexy book! Tara and Alonzo’s phone sex relationship turns into even-hotter-in-real-life encounters that can only take a back seat to the truth of just what the Dumas men are up to… and who they are involved with.

I couldn’t get enough of the unconventional relationship between Tara and Alonzo! They were both incredibly interesting characters who were both harboring secrets and as a result, not really living their lives to their fullest. And just when their scorching hot relationship seems that it will dominate the storyline, the plot thickens, and Alonzo’s life in Key West will take everyone for a wild and complicated ride…

Alonzo is a part of the Bossy Brothers series, but can be read as a complete standalone.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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