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Fighting for Rain (The Rain Trilogy #2) by B.B. Easton

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5 Stars

*** Fighting for Rain is the second book in The Rain Trilogy and must be read after book one, Praying For Rain. This review may contain spoilers if you are not yet caught up in the series. ***

Rainbow Williams never thought she would live through April 23rd, but here she is, with her entire world ripped from her, nonetheless. Life as she and the entire world knows it is over… but as long as she has Wesson Parker by her side… she is starting to realize that she can face just about anything…


Fighting for Rain was just as life altering and mind bending as it’s predecessor, and the start of this trilogy, Praying For Rain. The horseman may be gone, but for everyone who still exists on the planet, there is a new nightmare scenario that they can look forward to as their everyday normal. And just when Rain and Wes have learned to lean on each other… everything changes yet again…

This book is another absolute hit from BB Easton. I mean, I seriously can’t grasp the unending talent and scope of this author works sometimes. She has a way of taking a story that you would never go for, and working her magic to make it the best read ever.

Here are my hangups that she smashes to smithereens, once again. 1) I don’t really read books that feature a dystopian/apocolapyse storyline… check. 2) I don’t always love second books in trilogies… check. 3) And I sometimes feel like I have felt everything I can out of a character at the end of the first book… check.

Rain is a constant touchstone of the emotion and frailty that everyone on Earth should be experiencing in one way or another. She has been through the worst of the worst, and even though her strength may be taking a backseat at the moment, there isn’t a lot she can do to hide the light she inherently possesses. Life is complicated and dangerous, but Rain has some work to do… and a man she wants to do it with… which might be an even worse scenario…

I am seriously dying for the next book in the The Rain Trilogy, which is aptly… and very darkly named Dying for Rain. After the cliffhanger that may or may not need give your own heart some dangerous palpitations, I am so happy this book is releasing in just a few short weeks…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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